Little Church, Big Heart

Bethesda is almost the same country church that it was when it started out back in 1848 as a place for farm folk to Worship.  We are intimate and traditional in our simple service, but open and welcoming as well.

We may still have the two doors designated as a men’s entrance and a women’s entrance a century ago, but as Preacher Lori can attest, we are all one and equal in our community together.  Visit us and you may find a home here.

Please join us for services and be embraced, no matter what your faith.  Our beautiful historic building is open for the celebration of life events.

You are invited.  We appreciate all who come.

Contact us 262-968-4603 or 

This country style church is just 15 minutes from Downtown Waukesha.  Accessible from Wern Way (County Road D).  Then just turn on the road to the Church it was named for.  Bethesda Church on Bethesda Church Rd.  Park by the old stone barn wall with the hitching rings.


A Welsh Heritage Church.

Bethesda Presbyterian Church

The little country church with a great big heart.

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